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What Is Lidocaine?
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Lidocaine is the world's first amino amide type local anesthetic.

Numbing King(formerly MrNumb) Painless Procedure Creams ™ contain lidocaine and tetracaine as topical anesthetic ingredients.  Lidocaine was the first anesthetic of its type to be discovered and manufactured for anesthesia.  It was first created by a Swedish chemist named Nils Lofgren in 1943 under the name Xylocaine.
Lidocaine is used topically for many purposes, predominately for the relief of itching, burning and pain as a result of skin inflammations. When used correctly and in specified dosages, there have been very few reported instances of adverse reactions of any type, and nearly all adverse reactions to Lidocaine come from misuse in some form, typically from ingestion.  It must be noted that Lidocaine-based products should never be consumed; they are administered topically or injected during minor surgeries. 

How does Lidocaine work to relieve pain?

The simple answer is that Lidocaine works directly on the nerves in the skin to prevent electrical impulses from passing along them.  When these impulses are blocked, there is no perception of pain sent to the brain, and therefore the area is perceived as "numb."

What makes Numbing King(formerly MrNumb) Lidocaine-based creams so different?

The answer is in the formulation.  Doc Watson created the chemical blend to utilize the least amount of the numbing agents possible that will still get the desired outcome of numb skin.  The ingredients are also utilized in their purest forms, so as to allow for a pristine canvas with which an artist can work or a technician can administer treatments.  The product is engineered to work more slowly than competing products, so as to assure a level of safety that is far superior.  Yes, it takes longer for the product to work than other products on the market, but this is done on purpose.  Rushing the process of numbing your skin using levels of numbing agents like Lidocaine that are too strong has a propensity to swell the skin, as well as causing other side-effects that tattoo artists and other professionals administering treatments to the skin are hesitant to work with, as their process is easier if the skin is not distorted.  
Use Numbing King(formerly MrNumb) Creams for numbing the skin area before getting any kind of painful procedures such as waxing, body piercing, Botox, tattooing, laser tattoo removal, permanent eye liner, needle injections.